The Story of Gunzey

You could always spot Harold “Gunzey” Gonzales. He was the guy with the big smile and even bigger personality. He grew up working in the coal mines of Shamokin before enlisting into the Marines to serve in World War II.  He is the guy who never stopped working on the railroad, on the farm, or at one of his restaurants.

As famous as Gunzey was for his work ethic and making great-tasting food, his wife, Lois, was equally famous for her larger-than-life personality.

Together, they made the perfect team to launch the little food stand that frequented local fairs during summer breaks from Harold’s job as a railroad engineer. Serving crowd-pleasing Italian sausage and other delicous treats, the stand grew more popular. With each season, their reputation – and the lines at their stand – grew.

Over the course of half a century, Gunzey’s has perfected its craft, delighting friends and fans at county fairs across northern Pennsylvania. Every summer and fall, family members spanning four generations still grill up their specialties for fairgoers, keeping the tradition, the fun, and the flavor alive.

From fresh-cut french fries to hand-cut onions, the Gunzey’s approach (or you might say the Gunzey’s difference) has been cooking up great taste the only way they know how. Not the fastest or the easiest way. The way you make it when you love what you do. Love to work hard. And love sharing great food with great friends and family.

So the sandwiches you look forward to all summer long are available year-round!  We are putting Gunzey’s on the shelves at your local grocery store. 

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