The Story of Gunzey

In 1946 our grandparents, Lois Haines and Harold “Gunzey” Gonzales were married. We knew them as Mam-Maw and Paw-Paw. Mam-Maw was a self proclaimed Pennsylvania Dutch farmer whose family helped create Route 45, now known as Haines Township. Our Paw-Paw, a Spanish American grew up in the coal mines of Coal Township. At age 16 he enlisted into the Marines and was sent to the South Pacific during WWII. Having met as WWII pen pals they were married a year after the war ended.

The values they embraced were passed down through their four children, Our mom, Theresa, Terry, Ralph, and Twain. Paw-Paw taught us hard-work and drive while our Mam-Maw taught us to love everyone and help anyone that needs it. Best of all they gave us a fearless spirit with the mantra, there are no problems only solutions. That fearless spirit is the base of our family’s entrepreneur legacy. Our grandparents started with a restaurant along the Susquehanna River, now known as the Fence. Later they opened two other restaurants and a gas station. After McDonald’s turned down our grandparents’ request to put a franchise in Lewisburg, due to the lack of traffic in the early 60’s, they decided to start Gunzey’s Hot Sausage in 1963.

You could always spot “Gunzey”. He was the guy with the big smile and even bigger personality. He is the guy who never stopped working on the railroad, on the farm, or at one of his restaurants.

As famous as Gunzey was for his work ethic and making great-tasting food, his wife, Lois, our Mam-Maw, was equally famous for her larger-than-life personality. Her giving heart and incredible love for all, are a lasting legacy that we carry on today.

Together, they made the perfect team to launch the little food stand that frequented local fairs during summer breaks from Harold’s job as a railroad engineer. Serving crowd-pleasing Hot Sausage Sandwiches and other delicious treats, the stand grew more popular. With each season, their reputation – and the lines at their stand – grew.